liveaboard Wonders

The Red Sea is an incredible destination for diving enthusiasts, and one of the best ways to explore its underwater wonders is on a liveaboard boat. A typical itinerary for a Red Sea liveaboard might start in Hurghada or Port Ghalib and include visits to popular dive sites such as the Brothers Islands, Daedalus Reef, and Elphinstone Reef. These sites are known for their large pelagic species, including sharks, mantas, and dolphins, as well as colorful coral gardens and intricate wrecks.

No matter what your itinerary includes, a Red Sea liveaboard trip is sure to be a memorable and exhilarating experience. From exploring vibrant reefs to encountering some of the ocean's most impressive creatures, there is no shortage of adventure to be had in this stunning part of the world.

North & Wrecks

This route is the most classic one of the northern of Red Sea. Wrecks and a chance to visit the beautiful Gubal Island. From Hurghada to the amazing protected area of Ras Mohamed

Bluff point is a steep wall dive that follows the coastline. There are plenty of small passages and inlets in the rock that hides away a lot of marine life. The reef is full of glassfish, butterflyfish, crocodile fish and a flat-headed scorpionfish. The wreck itself isn't much to look at, but it serves as an attraction for marine life

North & Brothers

Having the chance to combined wrecks and the stunning Brothers islands. This trip may include the amazing protected area of Ras Mohamed. A visit to Dolphin House dive site

The famous aquatic siblings near Hurghada. The site is characterized by a huge fish population, dominated by tiny anthias, glassfish, sweepers and gorgonians.Here in the Red Sea two mountain tops have emerged from the sea. They have become famous as aquatic siblings, going by the name of Brothers Islands. They are als called ' El Akhawein' in Egyptian parlance.