Explore The Silent World with MV Legends

Technical Safaris

MV Legends, in partnership with Tekdeep Safaris run regular technical / rebreather diving safaris throughout the Red Sea.

Technical Diving

Operating daily diving trips throughout the Northern Red Sea, MV Legends supports all types of technical and rebreather diving.

Technical Charters

Perfect for technical diving groups who are looking to charter a boat that caters exactly to their needs.

Services Include

MV Legends has been developed to provide dedicated, specialist technical diving services for safaris, daily diving and private charter.

  • 100,000 litres of Technical Gases
  • Over 100 Rigged Stage Cylinders
  • 30 sets of Rebreather Cylinders
  • Rebreather Instructors and Instructor Trainers
  • Deep Technical Guides (CCR)

If you would like more information on the services of MV Legends, or you would like to discuss a safari or private charter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Fully Supported Technical Safaris And Daily Diving

  • MV Legends from Tekdeep
  • MV Legends from Tekdeep
  • MV Legends from Tekdeep

With over a decade of experience in technical diving and technical teaching, Tekdeep Egypt, the team behind MV Legends can make sure that whether you use the boat for daily diving, safari or private charter, it will be an experience like no other in Egypt.

  • We keep over 100,000 litres of technical diving gases ready for your demands.
  • We have over 30 pairs of rebreather cylinders to suit all units.
  • Ready rigged stage cylinders filled with technical gases. Take what you require for your bailout and you only pay for the gas that you use in the cylinder and a small pumping fee.
  • Molecular Products 797 and Intersurgical Dive Lime 812 carbon dioxide absorbent.
  • Based in El Gouna (north of Hurghada) the nearest location to the northern wrecks. For us it’s daily diving *
  • Technical Dive Guides Who Can Guide To 100m
Technical Diving Boat
Rigged Stage Cylinders
Sets CCR Cylinders
Litres of Gas