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Time to chill and relax between dives

A relaxing place to enjoy your surface interval is key when you are on a liveaboard. It is also good to have somewhere to lounge in the evening and have those “post-dive” conversations over a beer (or other favourite beverage). Our semi-shaded sun deck is the ideal place for both. Chill out on our [...]

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A Design To Suit Everyone Is Possible

Legends isn't a big boat, but she has been designed to cater to the needs of all divers. In addition to cylinder racks for 12L Recreational Cylinders, the Legends Dive Benches were specifically designed to also accommodate rebreathers. With a slightly higher and deeper seating position, you can get your rebreather ready in comfort [...]

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MV Legends “Post Dry Dock” Gallery is now online

We did a lot of work during #TransformingLegends2019 - Updating, repairing, maintaining and repainting our special lady. Now take a look at her in all her glory! This is just a small selection but see the full gallery at: https://www.mvlegends.com/galleries/mv-legends-gallery/ [...]

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Sad To Say Goodbye – Irish group continually entertains the MV Legends Team

Sad to say goodbye to our recent guests from the Emerald Isle. They have been one of the most entertaining (and loudest) groups we have had on Legends, but we are certainly all looking forward to seeing them again next year for more #DivingwithLegends Have a safe trip home and see you all soon! [...]

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“Discovering the Thistlegorm”

"Discovering the Thistlegorm". You never forget the first time you dived this magnificent wreck. Imagine the feeling of discovery. Watch the video on Facebook and tell us what you thought during your first dive on the Thistlegorm ...and consider joining us for some #DivingwithLegends so you can do it again [...]

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