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Happy Birthday to MV Legends Specialist Red Sea Liveaboard

On this day in 2015, Legends became part of the #TekdeepFamily. Since then she has developed into her own independent spirit. Not only catering to technical divers like no other liveaboard but taking care of divers from all abilities. From those dipping their toe in the water for the first time to those who want [...]

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When We Say Deep, We Mean Deep! 190m Dive from MV Legends

Divers returning from the 190m wreck of the Yolanda. An amazing feat by two fantastic tech divers. Well done guys! When we say that we support “Deep” diving on Legends, we really do mean it 👌 #DivingwithLegends - Unlike any other Red Sea liveaboard!

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Save Luggage Space with MV Legends

We have a fantastic new #LifeHack for all of those people who want to save luggage space when travelling to Egypt. Leave your T-Shirts at home and wear some from the exclusive #LegendsBoutique collection 😜 Speak to Alex, Amr or Lee when you arrive and you could be wearing the latest in dive fashion when [...]

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Join MV Legends for Some Relaxation and Outstanding Diving This April

Are you looking for some rest and relaxation, combined with some of the best diving in the Red Sea? Our “Something for Everyone” Trip on the 18th April 2019 is exactly what you are looking for.  Suitable for divers of all abilities, from Recreational Open Circuit Diving to beyond 100m Rebreather Diving, this genuinely is [...]

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Another Week, Another Group of Fantastic Guests in the Red Sea

As one safari ends, another one begins. It is none stop #DivingwithLegends at the moment Last week we had deep rebreather diving and training with Tekdeep Egypt. This week we have recreational depths on single cylinders. Our “Something for Everyone” itinerary really is for everyone! When will you be joining us?

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