TransformingLegends2021 – First Splash

Splash time!! She's back in the water 🎉 The #TransformingLegends2021 project hasn't quite ended yet though. There is some finishing off to do and a lot of cleaning to make her ready for guests but...she's back to being a boat again. Floating in the sea instead of perched high on the ground! [...]

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TransformingLegends2021 – Even The Engines Get A New Coat of Paint

We even paint the areas you don't see during #TransformingLegends2021 - And this includes our engines! Repairs completed, service undertaken, cleaned painted and polished! This is what we call tender loving care 😊

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TransformingLegends2021 – Time To Start Sanding

#TransformingLegends2021 is in full swing. As you may remember from previous years of #TransformingLegends (our annual Dry Dock), the biggest part of the project is preparing her for painting and this year is no exception. It will take several days and a lot of dust creation to get her ready for a new lick [...]

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Pampering Time – TransformingLegends2021 Begins!

She might not have done much work through the COVID-19 situation, but that doesn't mean that we can neglect her regular pampering schedule! Yes, it is time for #TransformingLegends2021 and this was the wonderful moment yesterday as she rose from the Red Sea!!

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