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Lee is a co-founder of Tekdeep and MV Legends and handles all of the "behind the scenes" elements to ensure your course, safari or charter is as enjoyable as possible.

A Mako Shark, A Diving World Record and A Virgin Wreck…All During One Safari!

So our recent guests are now heading home. Highlights of this safari include: A 6m Mako Shark, A Diving World Record and diving a Virgin Wreck. Are you starting to see why #DivingwithLegends is a very different kind of Red Sea safari experience? The only question that remains is...When are you joining us? Take a [...]

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Dates Announced for The MV Legends Festive Friends 2018 Safari

Where would you rather be this December? In the cold climates of Europe or diving in the glorious warm waters of the Red Sea? Join MV Legends for our Annual Festive Friends Safari and visit some of the best dive sites that the Northern Red Sea has to offer. 15th December to 22nd December 2018 [...]

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Yet Another World Record Broken On MV Legends in the Red Sea

We always like to do something different for our guests on MV Legends and this week is no exception. Join us in congratulating our great friend Graham Owen on breaking yet another world record during a Legends safari. March 2016 saw Graham complete the "Deepest Saltwater Dive for a Blind Diver" at an amazing 105m. [...]

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VIDEO – Experience MV Legends

MV Legends brings a very different kind of scuba diving experience in the Red Sea. Providing full support for technical diving and rebreather diving, there is no other dedicated daily or safari boat entirely focused on the needs of technical divers. […]

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Whatever You Dive, This Is A Trip For You!

Do you want to dive some of the best wrecks and reefs the Northern Red Sea has to offer? Join MV Legends on 29th April 2018 on a fantastic safari for divers of all qualifications. Taking in elements from our "Something for Everyone" Itinerary, you can dive a combination of pristine reefs and spectacular wrecks [...]

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