About Lee

Lee is a co-founder of Tekdeep and MV Legends and handles all of the "behind the scenes" elements to ensure your course, safari or charter is as enjoyable as possible.

Time To Say Goodbye To Great Guests from Across the Atlantic

It is always sad to say goodbye to a great group of guests and our last safari was no exception. We had a fantastic group from America last week and this was just before they disembarked for some sight-seeing in Cairo before heading home. Thank you all for joining us and we look forward to [...]

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What Divers Say – Why We Love To Run Legends

Running a Red Sea Liveaboard is not an easy task but in this new Blog Series entitled #WhatDiversSay, you will understand why we love to do what we do. The feedback from our guests and knowing that they have enjoyed their time with us is all the motivation we need to not only keep [...]

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Rebreathers and Legends Heading Off To Sea

The wonderful moment yesterday as Legends left the marina with a group of excited rebreather divers. This week we have divers using the AP Inspiration, JJ-CCR, Poseidon MK7, rEvo Rebreathers and even anĀ Ouroboros - This really is a Rebreather Week of #DivingwithLegends šŸ˜Š

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Meal Times Are Something Special On Legends

We like good food. Who doesnā€™t? It is important to us to make sure that the food provided on Legends is of the best quality and to give you some ā€œcomforts of homeā€. Ā This is why we donā€™t sacrifice quality to make an extra little bit of profit. We serve fillet steak, not offcuts. [...]

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The Toast Rack

Do you like to sunbathe? It is not for everyone but if this is your thing, we recommend a visit to the ā€œToast Rackā€ on our high deck. Why do we call it the ā€œToast Rackā€? Well if you want to get sunburned during a #DivingwithLegendsĀ trip, this is the place you go! [...]

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