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Lee is a co-founder of Tekdeep and MV Legends and handles all of the "behind the scenes" elements to ensure your course, safari or charter is as enjoyable as possible.

Winter Is Coming…But that’s OK

Why spend winter wrapping up in fleecy clothes, with your central heating turned up high, when you could be spending it in a wetsuit, in warm Red Sea waters? Your next #DivingwithLegends adventure is only a mouse click away! Choose from 3 great trips: 30th October to 6th November 2021 27th November to 4th [...]

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TransformingLegends2021 – First Splash

Splash time!! She's back in the water 🎉 The #TransformingLegends2021 project hasn't quite ended yet though. There is some finishing off to do and a lot of cleaning to make her ready for guests but...she's back to being a boat again. Floating in the sea instead of perched high on the ground! [...]

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TransformingLegends2021 – Even The Engines Get A New Coat of Paint

We even paint the areas you don't see during #TransformingLegends2021 - And this includes our engines! Repairs completed, service undertaken, cleaned painted and polished! This is what we call tender loving care 😊

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TransformingLegends2021 – Pre-Paint Preparation

Painting is by far the biggest part of the #TransformingLegends2021 project but it is not just a case of painting over the old. There is a lot of pre-preparation, preparation and pre-paint preparations that take place before we even see a paint brush. Here is one the pre-paint preparations taking place and the nice [...]

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TransformingLegends2021 – New Tanks Are Going In

As #TransformingLegends2021 continues, it does not just involve painting. We repair and replace areas of the boat that you will never see and here we are replacing the Fuel and Water Tanks. It's hard work but all worth it to ensure that Legends is the best she can be.

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Don’t Wait Until 2022, You Could Be Here in November!

There has been so much excitement this week since we announced that the UK Government was removing Egypt from the Red List. As such we are looking to put a trip together from 30th October to 6th November 2021 for everyone who is desperate for some warm water diving this year (just as much [...]

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TransformingLegends2021 – Time To Start Sanding

#TransformingLegends2021 is in full swing. As you may remember from previous years of #TransformingLegends (our annual Dry Dock), the biggest part of the project is preparing her for painting and this year is no exception. It will take several days and a lot of dust creation to get her ready for a new lick [...]

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