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MV Legends brings a very different kind of scuba diving experience in the Red Sea. Providing full support for technical diving and rebreather diving, there is no other dedicated daily or safari boat entirely focused on the needs of technical divers.

Everything about MV Legends has been designed with the technical diver in mind. You will find a lot of safari boats and daily diving boats in the Red Sea which claim to be “rebreather friendly” but this does not always mean that they are equipped to fully support rebreather divers. MV Legends is totally prepared to do just that.

Features include: Oxygen On Board, Helium On Board, Gas Boosters on Board, Gas Blending Technician On Board, Technical Dive Guides On Board (Up To 100m), and Technical Diving Instructors On Board (From Recreational Trimix to 100m Mixed Gas Rebreather Diving).

We have Stage Cylinders with Professional Stage Kits, Rebreather Cylinders (2 ltr and 3ltr), Carbon Cylinders and Rebreather Spares (for some models) all available directly on the boat.

Operated by Tekdeep, MV Legends has a team in place who teach technical diving, who undertake technical diving every day and who fully understand the needs of technical divers.

  • We keep over 100,000 litres of technical diving gases ready for your demands.

  • We have over 30 pairs of rebreather cylinders to suit all units.

  • Ready rigged stage cylinders filled with technical gases. Take what you require for your bailout and you only pay for the gas that you use in the cylinder and a small pumping fee.

  • Molecular Products 797 and Intersurgical Dive Lime 812 carbon dioxide absorbent.

  • Technical Dive Guides Who Can Guide To 100m

  • Technical Instructors On Staff For Rebreather, Open Circuit and Specialities (No Freelance Instructors)

Technical Diving Boat
Rigged Stage Cylinders
Sets CCR Cylinders
Litres of Gas


The MV Legends Team are highly experienced in all aspects of Red Sea diving. As part of Tekdeep Egypt, we have a team of Technical Diving Instructors, Recreational Diving Instructors, Technical Dive Guides and Gas Blenders, combined with our own fully trained crew.


rEvo Rebreather Instructor Trainer

Simon is a highly experienced rebreather instructor and co-founder of Tekdeep. He is also an Instructor Trainer for rEvo Rebreathers, providing a full range of services for rEvo from User Courses to 100m Trimix Courses and Instructor Training.



Logistics and Guest Relations

Lee is an experienced diver and co-founder of Tekdeep. Lee takes care of all guest relations, day to day management and logistics for Tekdeep Egypt and MV Legends.




Alex is a highly experienced diving instructor with over 10 years of diving and teaching in the Red Sea. He can teach the full range of recreational and technical diving courses in addition to being our onboard gas blender.

 Why Choose MV Legends?

Whether you join us for Daily Diving, Liveaboard Holiday or Private Charter, MV Legends aim to make your diving experience with us unforgettable. MV Legends is the only dedicated Technical Diving boat in the Red Sea which makes us your perfect partner for all aspects of technical diving, including full rebreather support.

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